Anne of Green Gables [Book Review]



Anne of Green Gables

Oh Anne (pronounce it with an “e” *smiles*) has a smart mouth that keeps getting her into trouble after trouble. However, her mouth is part of her selling point which seems to work faster than her heart and mind. I really do like this girl and certainly because no child is without mishaps growing into adulthood, her journey makes for a humorous read. I do appreciate how she learns a moral after every incident. I realize that even with the hardness she places around her heart for some people there is forgiveness just within reach but it’s takes a process to get there.

Adults would appreciate ‘Anne of Green Gables’ because it may remind you of all the tongue in cheek responses you would like to bestow on an adult but maturity with wisdom makes you think before you speak. You do see this transformation with Anne. Although she does not lose her voice in its entirety, she learns to think deeper of her thoughts and sometimes to keep them because she is aware of how others around her perceives her voice and she wants to maintain a level of privacy.


Anne of Green Gables to me feel sort of a rite of passage for a classic childhood stories. Although I am reading the abridged version as an adult I feel the same curiosity, adventure and pleasant spirit I felt as a child when read books such as Heidi and The Boxcar Children. So differently, I do recommend this story for children. If not only for the adventurous determined mouth of a girl but for the lessons she learns from these adventures. A fitting moral lesson story.

This is another story on my Classic Challenge.


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