The Republic by Plato [A Brief Review]



The Republic by Plato

Difficulty at times following who was speaking in this long winding conversation. However, in a twist the conversation/dialogue for the presentation of ideas is quite captivating. One of the things Socrates does that is sought of irksome is ignoring/ delaying questions and continues on a complete different tune from the discussion? So many subjects in one conversation that it becomes tedious to remember all the topics discussed.


I got frustrated by the time I got to Book 6 because I was so focused on trying to get a direct answer or definition for Justice. However, whilst reading half way through Book 7, I realize that in my quest to find a definition, I had to let it go and pay attention to the discussion at hand. I find it fascinating that a dialogue published around 380 BC is so applicable to today’s issues of government policy and family. I still cannot tell you what Justice is in relation to Socrates but perhaps it is the determination to decipher good and bad.


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