The Secret Garden [A Book Review]


Secret Garden

Heart-warming, soul turning, emotional healing blended in the midst of an alluring moor and a beautiful garden.

I felt like my heart went through a healing process reading about Mary and Collin’ s journey to peace and happiness. It is so important to point out how the author showed that the children could not glow on the outside without changing their insides. Mary and Collin first had to change negative thoughts to positive and learn to act kindly and pleasantly to others. The transformation was so beautiful that I had my hand on my heart with a smile on my face reading the last few chapters. Collins call  it magic, I call it inner peace but whatever name anyone calls it, everyone was affected. At first I felt I had to keep my eyes on Dr. Craven but even he too got caught in the miracle of good change. It was a combination of goodwill brought with Mary, Dickson and Martha.

It was never a dull moment to read of Collin and Mary’s change because I wanted to know what happened next, if someone would discover the Secret Garden and Collin’ s secret before he was ready to reveal. Even when I had to read over the Yorkshire dialogue, the language did not make the story difficult to follow.

The setting was a miracle in the making in the Secret Garden. Ranging from the deaths in India, the long journey across to Yorkshire to the Moors each carried a transition in the making. The journey was rough and bleak for Mary but the rain signifies a change to come for no one can achieve inner peace without a turmoil on the inside from before. The cold, dark Moor with its strange accent people came to life with the Spring. The birds chirping foretold good tidings, the winds ushered in comfort along with the warmth of the Sun and the earth pushed forth life. I feel good after reading this story. I want only positive thoughts and people around me. I am walking around smiling more because the Secret Garden has spoken. Listen you too will hear.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to read this book since I was a kid. My neighbor got me a beautiful copy for my birthday when I was young, but I have yet to read it. Now that I think about it, TSG is probably the book that has sat unread on my shelf the longest.


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