Top 5 Wednesday/ Books That Took You The Longest To Finish (Classic Edition)


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello to all folks out in Book Land for we visit another topic for Top 5 Wednesday (better late than never). Today’s topic speak of books which took the longest to read not necessarily because of the length but struggle to get past the beginning, middle or it took us ages to finish the last pages. There are books that I am currently reading, I am climbing at a steady pace (or not so much) to finish read, however today’s books are only for the finished.

Let us dive into it:

° Bleak House by Charles Dickens

I started the story sometime around October/ November 2015 as part of a Spin Challenge for the Classic Book Club but I did not finish till February 2016. What made the book stood out for me was the challenge to get pass near the middle when the Jarndayce vs Jarndayce matter took precedence. I had to read from my copy and had the aid of a audio. I am definitely not rereading anytime soon but I still have a ‘thing’ for Charles Dickens work.

° Emma by Jane Austen

In spite of Jane Austen collection having a special place in my heart, her novel ‘Emma’ and I are not friends. The first time I began reading this tale around 2009, I could not get past the first few chapters for probably close to a year or probably more. I persisted because I wanted and needed to read all of JA works. Eventually I plow through and struck a dull cord with Miss Bates going on and on, it is no wonder Emma found her annoying. I eventually finished sometime between 2011-2012.

° Jock of the Bushveld  by Patrick FitzPatrick

I remember taking a very long time to read this collection of stories about a dog and his owner in the Australian outback. It was not a dull read because I can recall the excitement of Jock’s adventure but there is something about putting down a book and being distracted by another book or life event that made me plow through from December 5th, 2013 to October 17th, 2014 (According to my Goodreads stats.)



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