If you feel the need to “get over slavery” then by all means go ahead but please do not extend that ‘courtesy’ to myself. The transatlantic slave trade is part of my history, present and future. Why? It is the trade of enslaved people from Senegambia, Congo and Eastern Nigeria merging with the pre- Columbians and Europeans who contributed to me. A forever History student who appreciates all facets of her existence. You want me to remember the French master who passed on his last name yet you do not want me to point out that my ancestry came from across the Atlantic? If the mere mention of the word ‘slavery’ makes you break out in a nervous sweat then lay your troubles elsewhere but do not dare attempt to say “let sleeping dogs lie.” They need to wake up and bark then maybe the Jim Crowe laws would never exist. Perhaps my homeland governance would not transitioned to neocolonialism cermenting a reliance on a so call mother country who want us off her titties- BREXIT anyone.

Then you spin around and say but the Irish were enslaved too do you see them crying. Sigh to such tardnation. You do not need to be in your feelings about my past but excusing the inhumane treatment of a people in such callous manner speaks volume. Raise up Irish people, write about it, speak about it but do not  wait only for discussions of Transatlantic Slavery to act unconscious and feeling because oh wait you are in the majority today. See how that felt?
Or how about “what is your problem, Africans were selling their own people.” First of all Africa is a huge ass continent. Second, every single people practise a form of slavery and  it is absolutely inhumane. Yes the muslims had their form in North Eastern Africa, the Romans throughout their empire etc. Yet the Transatlantic Slave trade made humans into chattel. A property to be both and sold like ribbons and rice at any given time. The enslaved were treated as commodity and the slaveowners received compensation when August 1, 1834 came around. The enslaved became free and left to battle a journey of mental and emotional struggles to prove that he is a man just as everyone who deserves the same fair treatment.

I write on August 1st 2016 a free black woman descendant of a people who build the Caribbean. A people who survived the trip west for a reason. A people who survived plantations violation to teach their children to be proud and black. A black woman who appreciates the power of the mind and thankful that mental freedom is attainable. I write not to call for hatred to people of majority ethnicities especially the affluent whose wealth stemmed from the profits of the past Atlantic Slave Trade. However, I do call for swift rebuke of any nonsensical utterances “to get over it.” Do you tell the Jew survivors and descendants of the holocaust “to get over it?” Do you tell Southerners “to get over” the Civil War? Yes, we all saw those flags incidents. Do you tell the descendants of all the Native Indian ‘tribes’ to get over all those atrocities against their people. The Trail of Tears… Do you tell the people of Hiroshima to get over an atomic bomb? You joke about man bun wearing Samurai not strong to defeat a humane crime. Sickly twisted persona of ‘Germ, Guns and Steal.’


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