Mark of Distinction, Jessica Dotta [A Book Review]


Although the language skill which blew me over in book one was not so forceful in book two, the character development left me emotional hence involved. I disliked Mr. Macy in book one but in book two based on the behaviour of other characters namely Foresterre and Lord Pierson, I wondered at times if he is that terrible. My beloved Edward left me with a bitter taste at the end of the story. I am not sure if I am ready to forgive Jessica Dotta[aka JD]
for writing Edward in such manner that his outcome with Julia left me bland. This is what I wanted at the ending of book one BUT the author threw in Issac Dalcy she sugar painted him and left him for the vultures. I feel like weeping. 

Why did the JD threw in that religious conversion with such an awkward twist?

Why did she pen Julia into more of a frustration who I highly suspect behind her so call humble facade is a spoilt bitchy weakling ensemble that urghhh left me screaming! Forgive me but I just need to understand what is JD rationale for Julia. She is hot one minute, then she is cold. One minute Edward is her beloved, next Mr. Macy’s touch has her flustered and then she might consider Issac Dalcy but ohhh nooo, her beloved Edward. Remember that scene in Tangle where the girl is happy that guy frees her from the tower, she is skipping around and in a blink she is mourning she did something bad but then the next minute she is back to skipping. This is Julia. 

But I supposed it is a human trait but it is frustrating!

Let us dwell on the introduction and disappearance of characters such as Ben and Erasmus. What the hell, JD just threw that in the story and BAP, move along folks.


I am frustrated with Jessica Dotta for book two BUT the way she panned out the events still needs me to read book three to complete the story.


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