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Top 5 Wednesday

Today May 18th, Top 5 Wednesday  takes a peek of some  favourite summer reading. You know that yucky hot season where the beach is the best life saver, picnics and the dream for rain. Oops sorry for dissing anyone’s love for summer! haha. I will share the stories where I feel myself dancing in the rain enveloped in a fierce breeze or on an adventure.

Let us dive into it:

5. Jock of Bushveld by Percy Fitzpatrick

For Adventure, Jock (the dog) goes on those epic hunting trips with his owner in the Australian outback. You will meet high water rivers, animal battles, human  disagreement with a twist and turn that left me wondering if I can survive a hot Australian summer on such adventure.


4. The Paper Roses by Amanda Cabot

I think that one of the best times to read Historical Fiction is either when you are really cold or warm/hot. The setting most times falls under these two mentioned weather conditions. Picture Texas in summer under a clear blue sky, mix in a thunder-storm, a murder and two people realizing they are growing in love in a historical setting of a ranch. Ding, ding: The Paper Roses!

3. Persuasion by Jane Austen

For a nostalgic read, I go for Austen’s Persuasion. It is close to my heart because of the heroine Anne Elliot and her journey. A  journey which teaches a lesson about first love [more than a summer fling 😉 ], persuasion and manipulation . Through the resort town of Bath, on the Kellynch Estate and Lyme ,the seaside coast I hope to visit some day. If that is not a summery read then I do not know what is.


2. The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden #1) by Julie Campbell

Summer for roaming around the neighbor especially when you are  a student. A time to solve mysteries especially if the house is too hot and you are strangling with boredom . Trixie is an epitome of a vacation student in search of exciting activity together with Honey (her friend) from next door. Ah, those sweet old summer school days :).


1. Just This Once by Rosalind James

What is summer without travelling, beaches, food for days, snorkeling, sports, hiking, fishing and the list goes? Hannah  and Drew has all this exploring and more in New Zealand and yes let us not forget the crush turn into like, lust…


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