Time Away


Dear Readers,

For the remainder of February, I will offer no posts on Yelhispressing. I will be around to read others blogs, so do not get confuse when you see me visiting  God willing. I am not involved in any special project, I just need some time away from  from researching for book posts, scheduling, consistently reading blogs and all the rest of blogging shindig. Let me blunt and say I am exhausted and if I do not step away, blogging will become a chore. I need some much needed meditation to prevent occurences in my daily life from flooring me.

Your Blogging Comrade



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  1. Take a break if needs be… Sometimes I feel like taking a break myself. But, when I do that’s when I start getting the most messages so I feel I’ve to cut my break short before someone think I’m unwell but most time I’m just tired ☺️


    • Isn’t funny (not haha) that more messages come after the decision to break. I will always respond to the messages to let readers know, the comments are not in vain but I will abstain from writing posts for the meanwhile. Hey, I am still coming by to read :).

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    • Thank you so much Ameena and I definitely to a no no for blogging becoming a chore. I am afraid if I continued pushing to meet my three times weekly self deadline, it would be turn into an unpleasant. I have more time to dedicate to reading.

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