Prompt Storm 15: Goodbye


Writing Prompt

“All good thing comes to an end,” I have heard so many times in my lifetime.

It rings true once again because at week 16, Prompt Stomp has ended. I feel sad because it is one of the reasons I log in to WordPress on the weekend. To prepare two prompts for Mondays, one of which is Prompt Stomp.

This prompt stood put to me because I joined early, at its third week. In addition, it made me feel like I belong especially because the host (Megan) made me feel that way. I was happy to post every week and I was eager to read what others wrote or captured in photographs especially if the theme tickled me.I think my favourite Prompt Stomp to read was the Light In Our Life with so many lovely photos especially sunrise and sunset. However, my favourite Prompt Stomp to write was about love, that theme covered two weeks.

Prompt Stomp challenged me to write about certain aspects of my life that I was pen shy prior. I felt I overcame it a bit during the Love themes week. Now one section of my WordPress therapy is going, gone.If you are now coming across Prompt Stomp, I leave you with this link to all the weekly topics and responses.

Goodbye Prompt Stomp. 😦


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  1. Awe. It saddens and warms my heart that you feel this way about The Stomp. You were the longest running participant and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing, linking, loving and caring about Prompt Stomp. Please don’t be a stranger and keep an eye out for the future Events/Challenges! 🙂
    Megan ❤


    • I will not be a stranger Megan. I Came to MomHood because of Prompt Stomp but I stayed for the photos and daily quotes. I am here for the long haul (whether you like it or not, hehehe) I enjoy Prompt Storm and the other challenge will be just as good I am sure.

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      • I think the new challenge will lean more towards photography than writing (i know you like to write AND share photos) I think I might have another writing challenge on my other blog. More “Soul Searching” type writing. Of course I will keep you informed! I am glad you stuck around for the ride thru The Hood! Always great to have such nice company!:)


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