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Top 5 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday people, hope everyone is “cool and easy as the wind blows.” Today Top 5 Wednesday covers Self Published Books. “How do I know if a book is self published,” I thought, so I went ahead to poke around the web for more information. However, I found out that some articles loop Self Publishing and Indie Publishing in one and others separate the two. In an effort to stay book sane, I am including books from both Indie and Self Publishing. In addition, I am listing 5 books which left me the most inspired and were heartwarming reads because for some reason when I think Self Publishing, I think personal with a purposeful story.

So let us dive into it:

1.Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft, published by New Wrinkle Publishing. A company “established by the Kraft family for the purpose of publishing their first creative work.” (Facebook page)

Diverse Characters

Ingrid  is probably one of the books I have mentioned the most on Yelhispressing. It is a heartwarming read about Ingrid, a completely mute girl, who brings together the  village of Scot together through events leading to forgiveness, stronger friendship and change.(Book Review)



2.To Die Once by Miranda A. Uyeh published by Createspace which is probably chief pusher of self published books.

To Die Once

When life throws curve balls, you have to bend, brace them and send them back. This is what Jennifer learns when she met and marry Rodrigo. To Die Once is a story of a Christian girl who marries a man of a different lifestyle from her and her journey in learning to forgive and open up her heart to love again. It is a mixture of romance and mystery. (Book Review)



3.I Felt The Hand Of God by V. D. Marshall published by Book Surge Publishing. I did some reading which says Book Surge is now known as Createspace.


It is a sort of autobiographical journey of Victor’s  journey, how his struggles led him to God. I think from the time I bought the book my life has been especially challenged especially since the author wrote an inscription in my copy. Thanks Victor.


4.Remembering Redbank by Jack Coleman, published by Createspace.

Coming Of Age Story


Goodreads Review:


really enjoy reading about the way Jack matured into a man. The easy writing style made it an interesting read about dating, guns, murder, transformation,separation, truth, justice etc etc. Usually when the above words are included in a novel, it may turn the rhythm of the story in a dark/horrific way. However, the writer so how managed to keep the story uplifting and inspirational.


5. Second Chances Ranch by Audra Harders, published by herself.

Clean Romance

The story of Jennifer and Zac finding their love for each other again after a misunderstanding which led to their separation is heartwarming and purposeful. The author uses a clean base for their romance and it better because more focus is spent on healing as oppose to bedroom scenes. (Book Review)



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    • I honestly thought they were the same until I did research for this post. Although some loop both as one, there is the difference in keeping all rights, assigning some rights, basically how much accessing a publisher company has to the book. (At least I hope I got it right).


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