A Rose Themed Wedding


Wedding Photographs

Via Magpie Tales (A Photo By Ed Ross)

It was a rose theme wedding…


The floor of the church sat with a carpet of roses,


The groomsmen jackets stained with a rose each,


The bridesmaid smiling coyly, a single rose in hand.


The cute little ring bearer struggling with the bands in a rose shaped pillow.


The cake tier in fancy rose shapes calls for the many “wows” from guests.


The bride’s dress sparkled white with tiny roses in the trail,


Even her hair is leavened in roses.


Anyone who knows her facial expression sees her 5% consent for the theme.


Yet her mother in law smiles in approval.


After she choose the theme,


After all she paid for the wedding.




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  1. Hahaha, no wonder, it was the mother in law who was funding it. Which makes me wonder, a mother with that much power over the wedding planning, would probably exert it inti the couples married life as well. Ahhhh, not a pleasant thought


    • Not a pleasant thought at all. Mother in law this way are a pain in the neck and baby the sons up to the point of puking. Sometimes the son says nothing to the MIL actions and the wife goes on suffering. Not a happy situation.


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