Favourite Fandoms/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 Wednesday

Hello Wednesday people and I hope I greet you with you in a good place on this fleeting Earth of ours. Today, we take a look at our 5 favourite fandoms. I tingled in excitement to talk about the things which makes me curl my toes and grin like a child with their second candy.


Let us dive into it:


1. Jane Austen

My only favourite author and it is a pity I never will have the privilege to meet her in person. P.S We have met in my dreams. Her stories mingled with her dry humour does it for me, thank goodness her pen matured from her Juvenilia. There is the term called Janeite but I do not think that describes me because I am not into regency dressing and I have not journeyed into the Jane Austen tour in England.  However, you say Jane Austen and you have my full attention.

2.  Period Dramas

Oh my goodness, I have it bad for historical setting film adaptation of sappy love story or a story surrounding an important event. My little sister refers to it as the “old movies that you like.” Back when transportation mode was horse and carriage, a rigid manners system that someone breaks, rags to riches story – just to name a few.


3. YouTube

I stumbled upon YouTube in 2008 and my life has not been the same. Whether it is in BookTube that I can lost myself in book talk for hours or laughing my butt off from my peeps in their vlogs. YouTube is therapy and I can live on The Real Daytime Show’s page.


4. Music

It is like inhaling and exhaling a necessary! My two favourite for many years  are Brandy and Justin Timberlake. According to my ears, Brandy has the best voice in the music industry. Her voice matured over the years and she does “runs” like no one else. I think it is safe to say that  she has a song to suit every emotion or situation in my life. JT is JT, he is a walking talent, a crush from N’SYNC days. I remember once for sad particular reasons I said I would take a break from non spiritual music aka secular music but that did not last long. His voice is satisfying especially when he talks on his tracks.


5. Blogging

I think I am head  over heels with my necessary hobby and most of all with WordPress. My browser history has all  the evidence. I hope I am never tired of writing and reading post, I am taking my journey in strides.



I think I summed up my life :D. What are some of your favourite fandom?


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  1. These are my favorites as well… From 1 through 5
    I was obsessed with Brandy in my teen years…
    I still think she awesome. She hasn’t age a bit


      • I think I’ve watched every esposide of Moesha and all the movies she has done… But, I’ve not seen Zoe ever after as yet… There’s not really a specific album but there certain songs like have you ever, sitting up in my room, Almost doesn’t count, broken hearted, missing you,…the list goes on😄


      • Oh these are the jams! Zoe Ever after started last night on BET. Unfortunately, I did not see much of her in The Game because by the time she joined, I did not like the direction of the show, so I hardly ever watch.

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    • I tried commented on your blog yesterday but my comment was not going through. I have with blogger, the best option for leaving comments is through ‘Name/Anon’ but you do not have that option. I was so excited when I came upon your post because you are the only person I have seen with Jane Austen as a fandom.


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