4 Top Moving Songs of 2015


I love music, I love how someone’s voice over a rhythm can make me smile, dance (I cannot dance but who cares), reminisce, grin, get teary eye and  all other range of emotions. My  top 5 moving songs of yesteryear are songs that I heard for the first time in 2015 but not necessarily released in that year. These are the songs I heard for the first time and I felt that tingle in my stomach, songs that I listened to over and over.

I heard a snippet for Work Song by Hozier  at the end of a  Book tuber’s video and I just had to know who was the guy behind that voice! It was my first time hearing Hozier, I got chills and I still do every time I hear the song. It is a song about the deep connection between him and his baby.


I kept humming to the snippets of this songs at the end of  Daily Bumps vlogs on YouTube and it took me a while before I figured out Bryan Lanning in the vlogs is the one singing, This Is Home. It is a feel good song and the words have more meaning when you know the back story. It is beautiful, one can say a draw in my life song of the couple.

Hmm! The cords in the background coupled with the words of Autumn Leaves is evocative of both happy and sad memories. Watching the video whilst listening to the song makes it more touching and Kendrick Lamar verse suits Chris Brown very much,

This is the song I voluntarily  listened to the most for the last quarter of 2015. I met Jojo voice again but this time she has maturity, extra edge and more endurance for me. Save My Soul came at the right time, I needed this song.

How about you, what were your favourite/most moving songs of 2015?

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