What Makes You Feel Good?


I want to focus on a feel good awesomeness, something to spread the pleasantries all around. We cannot let the bad win all the time, we have to light up the internet and specifically WordPress [since it our internet home]. You know that Pharrell song which hopefully makes everyone smile or the Smile song by Kirk Franklin which uplifts my spirit. We are coming from the weekend and I thought why not share some of the things which makes me feel good.


Yessssssss, one of the times I feel the greatest is when I wake from a beautiful comforting sleep especially waking before my alarm from a lovely dream. I have not come across  much  better than sleep.

2. Cold Shower

I thank you Lord for water, I thank you for cold water in particular especially after a hot day. It makes me feel alive, fresh and I always do a twirl around my room :). Honestly I feel privilege for that experience everyday especially when I see documentaries of people with no water,it breaks my heart.

3. Music

When you find music which speak to your soul you findeth a fabulous thing. I get that extra spring in my step, I feel like “yayy world come I am ready for you.” [I  share with you my favourite songs from 2015 in a future post].

4. Reading

Transporting to a world without my passport is one of the most memorable feelings in my life. The ability to sit or curl up with a story makes me tune out the world, sometimes I have no idea what is happening in the building around me. I found bestfriends in stories and I also found escape albeit how short. In addition, I have a lot of brain energy and I do appreciate all the journal articles, newspaper, blog posts etc.which feed that hunger everyday.

5.Movies/Film Adaptations

I suspect one of the reasons I love films or going to the movies is my tendency to get into a story that I zone out  which comes from reading. I especially love dance movies [more of that on a future blog post], anything with historical or period spin-off, romantic comedy and detective stories.

These are some of the things which makes me feel good. How about you, what makes you feel your best? If you have written a similar post, please tag/pingback this post, I could  read more posts for  more picker upper and good vibes.


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