Bleeding Hearts


 Photo by Tess Kincaid via Magpie Tales

They come here every year around this time. They meaning the ‘people’ of course, many crowding around the designated site with its bows and trinkets.

Some people buy the little goodies just to give to the charities of all the events that follow after the media left. Left for the fresher story but the people never forgot, coming back not just for show but for healing.

A need for a hurting heart, bleeding from tragedies from many decades ago. Blood that   never stop to flow.

Blood flowing when Japan planes dusted Pearl Harbor in red in 1941.

Blood flowing when Sandy Hook flowers screams filled the air in 2012.

Bodies floating like wild sargassum in 2006.

Bodies floating in rivers because of the Christmas Eve trough.

How many more hearts must bleed?

Magpie Tales interpretation for 297 entry.



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      • I know how you feel. It can be so overwhelming. It will get better soon. I’ve been avoiding the news the last few days. That has helped alittle. I needed to do that to stop the depressing thoughts. I wanted to write some uplifting things for the holiday season but I’ve been feeling down on and off. So it’s hard to be cheerful but I’m going to try and re focus my energy to hopeful uplift myself and others soon. Though it’s important to get what’s weighing us down out the way first. So I’m working my way up again.

        It’s going to be alright😉


      • Yes, it is important to write down the down way feelings just as much as the uplifting one. For me, I cannot stop watching the news report because I like knowing what is happening around the world and comparing it to events of the pass. So I guess, I will always experience that disappointing feeling but I know it is equally important to detox.

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