Morgan Lewis Windmill


Morgan Lewis Windmill after editing via Yelhispressing

The island of Barbados once boasted one of the two remaining functional sugar windmill  in the world. When I took the original image around 2009/2010, the sails that you may see in pictures on the web did not form part of the structure. If my memory serves me well, I did visit in the off-season for sugar cane cultivation [February through to July].

It is important to remember that the Barbados was a colony of Britain during the lucrative days  of the Slave Trade.The windmill in the 18th  and 19th century played an important role in the sugar industry. The island still produces sugar but on a smaller scale and Morgan Lewis Windmill was in commercial use until 1947. It became a museum under the care of  the Barbados National Trust. Due to its symbol of the island’s social and economic history, when the site became significantly deteriorated, World Monuments Fund restored the windmill between 1996-1999. Now, Morgan Lewis Windmill is a popular tourist attraction where visitors gets a chance to see cane grinding on a specific day of every month  during the sugar season.



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The theme for Prompt Storm #10 is Vintage.


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