It Warms My Heart #11 Freedom Of Speech


I get really really mad when someone tries to prevent me from expressing my views and dismisses my claims as “you just angry or sad or in your feelings.” Although, I am not a speaker in person and usually choose a corner and not a crowd, when I speak I am usually very vocal. I am very particular about my freedom to speak sometimes I take it too personal. Note that I am not referring to disruptive conversation whilst someone else is addressing a group. Nor am I referring to outlandish behavior such as cursing up an person or blatant disregard from persons of authority. For example, if I am speaking too loud at a group discussion at a public library and the librarian ask me to tone it down, I cannot get angry and say “it is my right to speak.” In that instance I am rude and  disrespectful.

However, I am referring to a group of us hanging out and someone asks everyone how they feel  and some take it upon themselves to believe, I have no opinion about the topic. Urghh! I just hate it when people fit me in a box and always suppose that I am not capable of contributing a simple comment. I suppose because I choose to remain silent as oppose to waking up the area. Not that anything is wrong if you are vocal with a strong spirit for showing yourself both in voice and moment. Do you! However, let me do me as well, vocal when I want and simmering in the back just chilling.

I am the side of the world where people are blessed to speak their minds for against many issues: politics, religion etc. In addition, as a women, I have the privilege to speak on the same platform as men. A few decades ago women did not have the freedom and in other parts of the world women still do not have the liberty. It is one of the reasons why I cherish my freedom to speak respectfully and know that no one will arrest me or harm me. I do not have to live in that fear. That is a heartwarming blessing, a right everywhere for every person, every women but it is not.

In addition, apart from the breath of life, I feel my words are the only thing that I have for my own. I am at a stage in  my  life where dreams of a younger age drifted and I am left with my words. So if someone wants to prevent me from using my words- volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Remember this weekend if your less vocal friend wants to show a different perspective (respectfully of course) hear them out. Please.


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