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Top 5 Wednesday

Hello Wednesday people, today on Top 5 Wednesday , Wednesdayers speak of their  favourite Audiobooks. However, since I do no listen to audiobooks I have no list to share. It is unfortunate that  book reading via listening remains a mystery in my reading world. You may wonder “but why don’t you just try listening?” I have, I remember when I started listening to Moby Dick a few years back on but I never finished. I found it odd that I could listen to documentaries with no video but did not take a fancy to audiobooks. Oh wait a minute, I do recall my mother buying cassettes with children stories for my siblings and I.

1. The Emperor’s New Clothes.  I clearly recollect the voices of the people on the streets laughing at the naked Emperor and the way the narrator said the title of the book. I still smile when I  imitate the narrator in my head along with the other high-pitched narrations. haha


2. The Bible Children Stories [66 books] . No one can tell stories like the people who narrated the bible stories from the cassette tapes  I listened to over and over especially on weekends.  I have no idea who are  the people behind the voices because my mother has no idea where the tapes  disappeared to but they could certainly tell a story to make children learn about the bible.


These are the only two different tapes which stayed with me, there were others but the memory is vague  . I also realize, that when I thought of audiobooks I tend to think  it is a modern way of reading but audio reading existed for a long time. Silly me. However, I do not understand if I love it as a child why do I put it off as an adult.

What do you think of audio books? Does it feel  the same as reading a book or does it matter? Let me know in the comment section below.

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