The Market Scene

The Market

Joachim Bueckalaer 1560

Ahh, I remember markets days, it was a great affair purchasing all the ingredients, preparing for the grand banquet.

The times when cooks, maids, wives used their hands to touch and test the meat to make sure it was the proper texture.

The times when the live birds belted out a tune most probably a plea for help because boiling time soon arrived. Screeching over the voices of merchants and buyers catching up rather noisily near by.

The sounds of the market made the scene alive with people and animal chatter.

People chatted as they talked over a whole bird on a platter. Cooks exchange strawberry and apple recipes for dessert.

One merchant ask for the best cabbage and peas for a special soup for his ailing wife.

Ahh, yes I do remember the colour food, smell and chatter of the market


Prompt for Magpie Tales


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