Lights In My Life


For Prompt Stomp this week, Megan choose the theme of Lights using three- five photographs showing things that light up my life. Doesn’t it reminds you of the song by Debby Boone?

1. I took  this picture a few years ago and it is one of my favourite sunset pictures. I have a thing for sunsets and sunrises, it is just the light at that time does something funny in my tummy. Hehe

Love Forever


2. Urmm, my internet light blinking 😉 hey, it means I can talk to my dear readers and fellow bloggers, you can judge me :). [Pardon the blur]

Internet Light



3. I want to include a picture of the moonlight but at the moment I have none at my disposal so, I include another picture of the sun but peeking through clouds on a lovely beach day.

Cloudy Day

Source: Yelhispressing





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