This and That Book Tag


Hello book tag lovers, I share with you a tag from whatkellyreads youtube channel with questions that sought of summaries a reader’s reading journey. Questions which make you dig in your bookshelf and  run to the aid of Goodreads(kisses for GR) to compare.

Let us dive into it:

1) Which is your oldest book and your newest?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream published in 1596 is the oldest book and the newest is The Cavendon Women by Barbara Taylor Bradford published in 2015



2) Which is your biggest book and the smallest book? (in terms of book size not page length)

My biggest book is Caribbean Slavery In The Atlantic World edited by Hilary Beckles & Verene Shepherd and the smallest is Why Believe by Norman Warren





3) Show the longest book you own and the shortest (in page length)

My longest book is Complete Novels of Jane Austen by Jane Austen with 1, 433 pages and the shortest is Love For Lenore by Regina Tittel is 48 pages (Kindle)





4) Which is your most expensive book and which was the best bargain?

My most expensive book was probably the four books from The Austen Book Series by Debra White Smith and the best bargains are a few short novels for $5 each but I will mention one: Stone Cold Surrender by Brenda Jackson





5) Show the most beautiful cover on your shelves and which has the ugliest?

With much thought I choose  Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta for the most beautiful cover and Now That You’re Back by A. L. Kennedy for the ugliest.



6) What is your favourite book and what’s one that you hated?

I do not have A favourite book but I do love Persuasion by Jane Austen (who is my favourite author) and I do not hate any book but I certainly strongly wanted to shut up Margaret Beaufort in The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory, she spoiled the story big time.





7) Name a book that made you cry and one that made you laugh

I have thought about this before and I realize I cannot remember any book making me cry. One book which made me laugh out loud and chuckle at the dry humour is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

Jane Austen









8) Name a book that warmed your heart and one that made you shiver

One book which warmed by heart is Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft  and one book which made me shiver is Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson





9) What’s one book you can’t wait to read and one that you’ve been putting off

I NEED to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, it is too long since the book is out! I have put off Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens too long as well.


10) Recommend a book you want more people to read and one that wasn’t as good as expected

I want more persons to read A Wind In Willow Valley by Joan Elliot Pickart  , it is such a sweet   romance.   Your   Captivating Heart by Staci Eldredge I read it twice and I still do not understand the buzz when I bought/read it the first time.







11) The next book you want to buy and the next one you’ll be getting rid of from your shelves
I would like to buy Mamie Garrison by Teresa McRae when It comes out next month and there is no book that I am getting rid of from my shelves.

Historical Fiction


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