Thanksgiving With The Birds


Painting by Rubens Peale via Magpie Tales

“Why are you looking at me with that tone of voice?” Zim said.

“Because you are doing funny looks with your face and eyebrows” Aves responds in between pecking a slice of cake.

“Birds do celebrate thanksgiving, you remember, right.” Aves continues.

“Are you feeling ok? Here have a sip of cherry” Aves chirped. He could not understand why Zim kept giving him those strange looks. “Weird”

Another Magpie Tale for this week. Have you ever wondered if animals celebrated thanksgiving or any other festivals?


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  1. I am sure they enjoy all the crumbs people leave lying around and then nature provides bountifully for them. Even the Bible says that the even the birds will never beg for food because God provides for them.


  2. How lovely … and of course all of us celebrate … whether we have wings or not … but one must always be careful of alcohol – I think Aves will regret the “cherry”! A fine story, I enjoyed this very much.


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