The Kingdom of El Nino

The Moon: The Kingdom of El Ninos


In a land far away, seriously so far away you need four days and a determined spirit for such journey. Anyways back to the story. In a land so far away, lives a kingdom of the moon. (Why are you laughing in mockery, stick with me). To enter the Kingdom of El Niño you need a special passage through the silver moon which happens every 100,000 years. It is one of the features which also acted as a security for the people of El Niño. The people of El Niño lived long many to 100 years. All Ninos lived in peace with each other, of course there were the normal disagreements but they were all settled in a short period. However, anyone entering through the silver moon picks up a vibrations which makes them disruptive and malicious as soon as their feet touch El Niño soil. Thus Ninos are happy that the passage to their kingdom came once every 100, 000 years and no one left El Ninos not only because there was no way out but because no one wanted to leave.

There is a legend among the people of  El Niño isolation The elder scribes mention of the days of their great  great  great grandfathers very far removed, when El Niño was a kingdom of the sun and moon. The sun and the moon stuck together all the time, the kingdom light was a mixture of the soft glow of the moon and the bright spirit of the sun. It was a perfect mix for the people but not for the rulers of the moon and the sun. One day the people of El Niño woke up to fire erupting from the moonsun, the rulers in the sky were at war. A dark gloom slowly and softly settled, enveloping the Kingdom in a state of despair. It seem like a volcanic eruption came from the moonsun as the Ninos run to the caves away from the falling burning stones. Children weep for the days of playing freely in the fields of maize and adults mourn for the days of the caves to end. However the war raged on for 125 years of the people of El Ninos living in caves surrounded by a river of silver water. It was that silver water which kept the fire from the burning stones away. They lived on crops growing inside the circle of the silver river. Life was different but life became normal for all children born after the Ruler Wars.

On the twenty-third day of Libre in the year ten thousand, a child came forth screaming from one of the caves. As the child grew less burning stones fell from the moonsun until it stopped completely. Did the child stopped the war? No one paid attention except for one. The gloom uplifted and the sky cleared revealing only a whole moon, no one understood where the half sun went but everyone rejoiced for no burning stones. Gradually the fields away from the silver river turned to green. Birds were chirping and flying free. The Kingdom of El Niño breathe almost like before. There was one Ninos recording all the dates, advising the Ninos to plan for a special celebration for a new El Nino. Food, food and more food: turkey, fish, pies, cakes and more. Family and friends gathering near the silver river for dancing, eating and talking. Every year the twenty-third of Libre became a day of all families gathering in one spot, enjoying food and music.

A story which made a life of its own for Prompt Stomp 8 based on three words: Cheer, Celebrate and Change. I could not go to far with the plot because I needed to stay within the rules of a vignette (I hope I did). I have never thought of this tale before but I am in a story telling mood, I opened WordPress and started typing whatever came to mind. It  is perhaps far-fetched and nonsensical but I think there is a longer story somewhere in there that I need to better my writing skills to tell.

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