Lost In Translation



I think you are the hardest prompt I ever attempted

but yet many will definitely consider you as the easiest.

I usually have you all polished roughly by Monday

but now my page still lay bare without you.

I read another’s entry,  moved to tears and

guilt because of what I have inside.

I  wrote a post,  raw, I password protected it

but even then my heart cried more,

so I deleted the post.

I did not want to write another but at the same time

I needed to write another.

Cogged by circumstances which I allowed to make me

ungratefully unthankful.

I sometimes detested the breath of life

so could you imagine my face at the mere mention of thanksgiving?

I am a lost cause, an art never flourishing yet decaying.

I am ungratefully unthankful, not as a boast

but a flame seconds away from losing a weak flame.

Week 7 of Prompt Storm


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  1. This moves me. I feel a certain pain with you on this. I have deleted many posts, to personal or raw for my readers. Something has to get out though, so I try. Thank You for sharing this!

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  3. It is healthy to honestly feel your emotions and express them. And boy do we humans have a range of them. I’m on board with Jacueline in saying take it outside. Knowing you do not have to keep this funk long term. That it is just passing through, and will be replaced with the joy of your niece and nephew’s arrival.


  4. Reading this, one instantly knows and feels the raw heartfelt emotions. Oh, the posts we write and delete… RIP to them.
    It will be better, I keep saying that to myself out loud. I don’t if it does help, but I’d like to believe it does. ❤❤


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