It Warms My Heart #8 Friends & Laughter

Laughter and Friends

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

That we can laugh at our silly jokes in spite of hurt from different events in our life is heartwarming. I am happy that my friends and I could make time for each other to release stress by cracking up about situations which caused pain.

This weekend for another part of the series It Warms My Heart, think laughter in pain. Get together with your girls/boys and take a trip down memory lane, uncover all the wound and finally drain the pus for a complete healing

Have you experienced a weekend with friends laughing and catching up which made you feel light and happy again. Care to tell me about it in the comment section below?



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  1. We called it “The Harmonic Convergence” …a carefully planned meeting of three old friends all meeting up for lunch in Sedona Arizona while in the midst of journeys elsewhere. I have never laughed so hard as we did, and half the restaurant was joining in with us…Meanwhile, the dutiful husbands sat there surprised and silenced, hearing stories and a loud level of hilarity coming from their spouses they had not known previously.


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