Knocking On My Window



I remember a few weeks ago reading a spooky story on Laura’s site about a persistent knocking on her(character in the story) window every night. Although a bit spooked, I continued reading the story and even left a comment saying how I was a bit scared, I was not afraid to say. Well folks you will never believed what happened. The almost exact thing happened to me, weeks later. I am not kidding, I am being honest.

As usual before bed that night, I spend some time reading. Either from a book, an article or a blog post. By bedtime I am exhausted, craving my delicious pillow and comfortable blanket. I fell asleep not to long after but only to wake up to the sound of  tapping. At first I thought I was dreaming because who the heck would be tapping on my window so late at night. So, I snuggle deeper into my bed but whoever or whatever, thought  I needed to wake up. The tapping grew louder, by then I  am neither scared  nor brave because I have, at other times, felt other presence in my room. I simply turn on the light and pulled the blanket over my head.

That was the biggest mistake. The tapping turned to thumping. At that point  I was more exhausted and angry than afraid but I was a bit terrified. I thought of shifting my curtain to see who or what wanted my attention but the last time I lifted my curtain in the middle of the night, I saw the largest grasshopper looking animal. I was not about to see any other strange animal that night. Instead I grabbed my pillow and blanket and slept the rest of the night on the couch.I could not hear any tapping from the couch and I kept the light on.

Whoever or whatever you were, if you are reading this blog, please stay away from my window, go tap some place else. Thank you.

This is my response to Prompt Storm a weekly event hosted by Megan on The MomHood. She gives a word, phrase etc (this week is Souls, Spooky, Spirits) and you construct something creative – story, poem, photo. The event is in its third week but this is my first post. It is usually hosted on a Saturday but since my blogging schedule is Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Megan said it cool to post within a week of the given prompt. So my dear readers, I will post my response every Mondays.

Thank you for reading. Anything spooky happened to you later?




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    • You are a brave soul Laura, I avoid Horror Stories because I cannot stomach it but when I do start one, drawn by the opening sentences I read more. Only to pay for it layer because it stays and makes me jumpy. Sigh.

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  1. Oh I just love spooky stories, especially if they are from real experiences. (not that its cool something spooky happened to you) Wonderful entry and I am so glad you have it worked out with your posting schedule! I’ll wait eagerly every Monday for an entry! Cheers!


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  3. 🙂 My Prompt Stomp was about something thumping too! It must be in the air. The other night before going to bed I was reading about hauntings and ghost stories near me so to write a story for the Halloween prompts. After reading those scary stories it was impossible for me to get a good nights sleep LOL


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