It Warms My Heart #3


Source: Girl Reading (1889), by Fritz von Uhde. Oil paint on canvas via

One of my happiest moments is when I am in a comfortable place wrapped up in a lovely story. Reading helped create my ever spinning imagination, my imagination is where I am, me, in peace. I  am thankful for my parents especially my mother,who always encouraged my siblings and I to read. I still  remember the square small editions of children stories, now lost because of moves and playing library.

As an adult, I pass on the need for reading by encouraging my little sister and niece to read their required school material and to read for pleasure. I have always made it a practise to buy them books even before they could talk. It warms my heart that my girls like reading, they will pick up a book for their relaxation.


I love when parents read to their children or read with them, they are not only nurturing the love for reading but spending time together. Bedtime reading is absolutely cool and no matter what route reading material goes, reading is here to stay.

Read stories to the little ones in your family this weekend and help them grow an imagination which is essential for diversity. Did you grow up reading? If yes, did it play any role with your reading habits now? If you did not grow up reading, what got you into reading? Let me know in the comment section below.




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