It Warms My Heart

Teddy Bear

Jonik photo via

There is an advertisement on TV of a mom and cute little daughter moving away from their old house into another place. There are boxes everywhere because of course it is moving day but the daughter looks sad clinching her teddy bear close. Her mother before moving day sent an important list to the moving company explaining her daughter’s shyness and her love for dear old teddy. On moving day, the moving guy shows up, he meets the daughter [I am sorry her named slip from my mind] and he has a surprise for her. He has a huge teddy bear strapped to the front of the moving van,  the mom is moved mouths thank you to him. That made my heart warm with a few prickling substance in my eyes. That was so sweet! Awww.


What act of ‘It warmed my heart’ did you witness today? Or did someone warmed your heart, let me know about it in the comment section below. Warm someone’s heart this weekend :).



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