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I came across this interesting tag on How To Read Books, it caught my eye especially because of its historical element. Hop on over to get a proper break down. Since the tag aims at historic elements I try to restrict my books to Historical Fiction, Period Novels and History Genres. Let us begin :).

  1. Marilyn Monroe: The most glamorous book you have ever read.

The Boleyn Inheritance by Phillipa Gregory

Historical Figures Tag, Glamour Books

Gregory describes King Henry VIII’s court  full of danger but luxury and full of grandeur from the feasts at dinners to the number of  high ranking officials and nobles coming to enjoy the wealth and power of royal life.When Henry annuls his marriage with Anne of Cleves he leaves her with the ‘princess’ title, money and land, she lived in high comfort and less danger from court. Her abode had views of the river and she sometimes feared the sight of boats which may signal her danger but she was contented away from Henry’s wrath. Katherine Howard on the other hand was blown away by the fancier dresses and other merriment, although she lived a comfortable life prior with her grandmother. She loved all the attention she received from men and her ladies in waiting especially the secret rendezvous they planned together.

2. Winston Churchill: The best leader within a book and why.

Sir Pagan Cameliard in Lady Danger by Glynnis Campbell

Historical Tag, Best Leader

I will look over his stubborn role as a lover and focus on his role as a leader of a new place. When Pagan married into Rivenloch, he met brave warriors but to challenge their strongest foe ever, they needed more tactics. Thus, he oversaw additional training for the few able men at the castle. In addition, he taught them new tactics and focus on ways to manoeuvre the approaching enemy. He  spear headed a project of renovation and construction. Although Deidre, oppose his every move she soon realized she should trust warfare to a knight.

3. Adolf Hitler: The most ruthless book dictator.

Herod The Great

Herod The Great in St. Matthew of The Bible

I dubbed him a ruthless dictator for ordering the death of all baby boys born two years and younger in Bethlehem. Who the hell kills babies and his justification was preservation of his throne. You know politicians always have their ears to ground, so he heard of a Jesus Christ who would become ‘King of Kings.’ Herod feared that the Jews would upraise against him in support of this Jesus thus he ordered the execution where he thought [after his tet a tet with the Wise Men] he[Jesus] lived.  The Jews suffered under his heavy taxation to feed his [Herod’s] lavish lifestyle and not forgetting his skirmish behaviour. He trusted no one, he had reason probably after reflecting, killing members of his immediate family with ease.

4. Maya Angelou: The character who brought about the most change, or had the most personal development.

Elizabeth Adams in Liz’s Last Chance by J. C. Adams

character transformation

Elizabeth – honestly I called  her Elizabitch at times – was a mean, selfish, self absorbed lady who cared only for herself. She was unkind to her servants and friends only to people who match her fortune. Upon her father’s death, she became penniless,homeless and desperate. So desperate she replied to a mail order bride correspondence against the advise of a wiser woman. She arrives at her destination and everything is not what it seemed. She had some major growing up to do, she became nice, hardworking, settled, appreciative,  a different person. I was surprised.




5. Queen Elizabeth II: Your most favourite member of a royal family from within a book.

Elizabeth Woodville in White Queen by Phillipa Gregory

The Historical Figure Tag

Excepting the river enactments/magic spells, I really like Elizabeth. She is ambitious, full of zest and cunning, characteristics needed for surviving royal court. She is determined to use any means to secure her husband’s throne for her family and in the process fighting to keep her boys alive.

6. Albert Einstein: The kookiest, craziest, most bonkers books character ever!

Lady Olivia in Her Sudden Groom by Rose Gordon

craziest characters

Everyone runs away from Lady Olivia, she is coco for coco puffs.She smells because she does not take time to groom herself and she wears every colour in her wardrobe at the same time. She is also has a foul mouth who expects respects but gives none at all. She has no decorum, experiencing wardrobe malfunction with boob slippage because of her poor taste in wearing what fits. She is a walking disaster, who lies and blames others for her mistakes.

7. Brutus: The most betraying character of all the characters.

Iago in Othello by Shakespeare

betraying character

Iago hates Othello and he realizes that the only way to bring him down is stir some marital discord in Othello’s marriage. Iago sets out to convince Othello of Desdemona’s unfaithfulness till it drives the Moor insane. Iago has that mastermind full of devious plots but he does it in such a brillant way to the unsuspecting fool of Othello.




Anyone reading and desires to join in the fun, consider yourself tagged :). Let me know in the Comment Sections your answers to those question. Who is your favourite member of a book royal family?


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