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Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 is a weekly bookish assessment by Gingerreadslainey and today’s feedback is 5  favourite things about your community you use for T5W: YouTube, Blogging etc.. You can also access the topics on the Goodreads Group. I am happy with this week’s topic [not that the others did not delight] because it brings to the forefront how important the medium we use weekly to share our thoughts is and especially how we feel our host site. I am so eager to share what I love about WordPress Blogging and more excited to read your reasons to compare ;).

I have access to so many source based material on topics that I like that I would not get if I am not constantly alerted to posts from the bloggers who I follow or come across on my journey. As a result I am always reading articles or more simpler structured posts, learning about what shaped our past, why the earth behaves in a particular way or how to do simple coding [thank you WordPress]. My heart sings for joy when I see an alert that so and so archives will give access for three days to the public. I quickly write down the date because I know, I have that time to conduct research in a database that I would not normally have access through its portals.  Of course, there are the funny posts which give the welcome laughter, chuckle or smile to balance out the heavier material. In addition,  I may not pick up a book/novel for two/three weeks but I am still reading daily because of my blogging community and I love it! Besides, I get tips of books that passed under my radar but someone out there always word their review in a way which pulls my interest.


I have so many thoughts rambling on the fringes of my poor head like Catherine wandering on the moors in pursuit of Heathcliff, that writing it down gives me the welcome peace. However, when I take it a step further to blog, it turns into an almost necessary release. There is that feeling I get when I press, the ‘publish’ button, an emotion between nervousness and expectation. There is at least someone out there who may stumble upon my post, quietly read and go away or feel pressed to leave a comment. I love that feeling of someone reading my thoughts who lives half way across the world, it makes me wonder whether they experience the same situation. It  is more than a mere ego but a satisfying feeling that someone identifies with my logic or learn a concept from my educational posts. It is a pleasing feeling and it reminds me that it is not healthy to shut myself away from the happenings of the world. I am not an island because well no man is, I need not to shut away in isolation even if I welcome privacy.



Ah, I absolutely love reading a post, scroll lower and an active comment section greets, hey I love when my readers leave comments on my post as well [I do not bite :P]. I am a firm believer in the view that there are some things the ‘like’ button does not cover. It does not tell the blogger what exactly you liked about the post, true it is a sign that many welcomed your views but I feel that sometimes we can do better than simply pressing that button. Of course, when we progress past  the ‘great post’ comments [tips I learnt from administrators posts on WordPress], we relax or strongly talk about the issues of the post. I love when people express their opinions, whether I agree or disagree, as long as politeness reigns. I also do not like when bloggers do not make an effort to respond to feedback in their comment section. Furthermore, I learn more about a post or blogger by the response in the comment section, such as your favourite author because you responded “yes, my favourite author too.” Ah, see we had a blogging bonding moment, I promise I will not start creeping you, lol. So let us continue to light up the comment section in a blaze of interaction and discussion whilst our spam killers keep the absurd one away.



My goal for blogging is long-term I need to constantly update with newer posts, interact with my community and always research/write on ways to make my ‘home’ comfortable and fresh for readers. As a result, blogging keeps me on my toes reminding me that I need to keep the ball rolling. I am procrastinating less because I am more dedicated to providing content. In light of some background situation, blogging with a purpose makes my life more purposeful and rewarding. I am learning [see that word again :)] ways to work with publishing such as scheduling posts, it reminds me of school days when I had a set timetable. My mind feels more alert and in better working condition, I am retaining information similar to academic learning. In February of this year, Ben hosted Writing 201 in the form of a Poetry Course. It was one of the best weeks of my 2015 life, I felt more in love with Poetry that I continued researching and writing posts of the different forms of that art long after the course concluded. I like feeling organize again, it makes me structured and grounded: thank you blogging.



Honesty is one of my best policy to live by so I had to mention that the free aspect of WordPress blogging attracted and kept me in the community. Sometimes an expense albeit how inexpensive does not meet the purse, so I am grateful.  I am impress,  that the administrators of WordPress are offering free writing courses and baby steps posts in simple aspects of coding and other ways to improve blogging. Plus, I get to travel free of charge around the world, no passport required :D. Did I mention I love the blogging community because I  do ;).



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  1. That makes two of us who love the blogging community 😁. It was actually through blogging I found out what a flash fiction really was, so yeah, you get to learn a lot new things too 🙂


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