Tropes I Hate/ Top 5 Wednesday


Top 5 is a weekly bookish assessment by Gingerreadslainey and today’s feedback is 5 tropes you hate.

  1. I Want To Bone You Right Now

It irritates me when author have characters who suddenly out of the blue want to shag each other without no prior chemistry. For example, the hero and heroine always regarded each other as friends, there was no kiss or an attraction but suddenly the heroine looks at the hero and he wants to grab her and have his way nevermind there are a thousand people in the room. I dislike this situation in Romance that is not Erotica and it is just not attractive but increasingly popular. Would it hurt to have the hero and heroine engage in a look, some flirting, some words and then the desire to bone.

2.  Killing An Independent Female Character

Female characters who start out independent, strong and determined but as the story progressed they cannot make a decision without the man. Urghh, if you want her in that mindframe, do not design her originally as taking charge when she is different by page twenty. Sometimes it is insulting to read the way the author stripe all that backbone from a female character. If she is too bossy or self righteous, you may want to teach her a few situations but do make her quit her job, hobbies, give up her house etc.

3. Treating The Good  Guy Like Shit

I hate it when the female characters go out of their way to treat a male character like he is a demon child when he is far from this description and there were no appearances for such name tagging. She chooses another guy and she mocks the good guy at every turn yet, when she needs rescue or someone to stand up for her, Mr. Good guy saves the day.  It is high time, authors let the good guy win throughout but not at  the ending  when he wins the love of sometimes a bitch or the trust of family members. No one cared to investigate deeper and he is ostracized from their society yet he is the one to devise a plan to save the kingdom.

4. Running Away

It gets on my last nerve when authors choose a woman or heroine to run away from a male character because she misunderstood an overheard conversation or scene. Furthermore, her running away puts her in danger of being kidnapped or from a pending storm. Oh my goodness, please let them talk or scream it out then choose to walk away .

5. Pauper Returns A Billionaire/Millionaire For Revenge

A man need not be a millionaire to avenge what was done to his parents or himself as a child. The most irriritating instant is when he comes back to make his long lost first love father’s company pay for making him lose that love. He goes on to treat the woman as crap (sometimes there is a child he knows nothing of) when he chooses to blank out to her side of the story. Somewhere to the end, the truth comes out and they all lived happily ever after.


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