A Gentleman


He was born of gentle breeding, the type which offer a wet nurse.

A toddler running around maze which may symbolize his later life.

A teenage life of getting into scrapes, shielded by his mama but scolded by his papa.

He made friends with the lads at university learning a trade fit for a gentleman.

He did not “work” because his social standing frowns on such, instead the servants (he will inherit one day) do the labour on his behalf.

Although many ladies have an eye on him, it is the loveliest one with a  posh and polish character can vie for his heart.

She remains pure and gifted for him but he may give his present to another.

See they take walks to get acquainted at the same time keeping the figure trim.

He has to fill in his father’s shoes one day, a taunting takeover for him, maybe.


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