Be You


Be you:
Even when they mock your moral compass. Why should you care how others feel about your decision to stick to a certain sexual orientation.

Be you:
Even when you stand alone on the other side of a crowded street.

Be you:
When they try to mock the little that you have but you know their behaviour indicate your superior.They have their riches but still furious at your rags.

Be you:
Even when they are screaming that you are nothing. You see they want you to be just as them but you decline. Hence their devotion to hate.

Be you:
Even when they set up roadblocks simply to defeat your goal oriented nature but just know one day your persistence will pay off.

Be you:
Even when you feel defeated because the greatest had days they felt like giving up but they kept toiling on, so you just hang on.

Be you:
Even when throwing words for you on the streets is not sufficient, so they find your blog to add more gossip to their buzz.

Be you:
Even when you are the only one who believes in you because if everyone starts favouring you but you question yourself everything is still not A ok. The most powerful and loving person to believe in you is yourself.

Be you:
Even when the universe rings its bell, one day someone in the future will learn from you, you can inspire and teach sleeping in a grave.

Just be you because you are important.


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