Just Like Construction


Just Like Construction

U.S. Navy photo by PhotographerÕs Mate 2nd Class Jacob A. Johnson. (RELEASED) via wikicommons

Stroke after deafening stroke,
nails dancing to the lead of a hammer.
The same insane tune of the words of that bloke,
not appreciating, flat and certainly not enamour.

Dust flying into the air, lifting ash-choo
ash-choo from poor Ms. Nosey.
Not a pretty picture painting like a posy,
just like your words,boo-boo.

Boards, windows, walls, roof-all shattered,
just like your promises – stink like faecal, it mattered
not that your pleas rain like sand
because it is just litter and out of hand.


Poetry form: Quatrain (poem of four line verse)
It has a specific rhyming scheme: abab, abba, aabb


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