Sexuality: Questions


Are all the rainbow images flooding the internet, in celebration of gay rights to marriage or just your inclusion because of what is trending? Is it offensive for straight people to post “straight and proud?” Is it hyprocricy to stand against gay union yet enjoy same sex porn in the shades of your darkened room? Is it moral for a church whose doctrine goes against gay union forced by law to perform same sex marriage? Is it biblically sound that a pastor who preaches against gay union yet indulge in extra marital affairs with singles? Is it sane that bible believers are all for gay unions when they know of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Is it fair that agnostic and atheist gays face the discussion of ‘God Against Homosexuality?’ When you are gay, do you choose that lifestyle or were you born that way? Or are you playing around because you have a choice to pick any sex or both sex at the same time or whenever you feel like?


Please Do Share What Is On Your Mind?

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