Missing My Friend


“You never miss the water till the well runs dry.”

My laptop is dieing a slow parting journey, difficult more for me I suspect. I am recalling our highs and lows for many days now. Laptoppie is more than a material asset but a friend who introduced me to the world. Typing on other devices is a pain in the neck with increase typos and pressing sensitive keys which ends in lost posts and status. My friend is going away with time consuming research which may be lost. which makes me sad and nervous.


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  1. Mine too! Keep trying to save it but that’s getting harder and the laptop is slowing down (10 minutes to boot! (:
    I wonder if there is a heaven for laptops? Mine certainly deserves one – or at least a peaceful retirement!
    Probably won’t get either – assigned to a computer waste pile! Ouch!


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