Movie Cast For Book Covers?


Movie Cast On Book Cover?

Have you ever enter a book store and sometimes the face of an actor and/or actress greets you as the cover page for a novel? I am sure the answer is yes, especially if the film adaptation of said novel is/was on the big screen. I believe it is trying to bring more sales attention to the book because so many people love to compare the book version versus movie version. In addition, it is also a technique to bring attention to the movie version because after all, DVD sales count after the movie debuts on the big screen. Sometimes publishing houses use the faces of the movie cast to launch a new edition.  To a certain extent  it is a brilliant idea because if someone likes the movie, they may incline to buy the book which features the face of the character he/she likes. I remember when I saw the movie ‘Something Borrowed’ a few years. It was only when I entered a bookstore a few weeks later, I knew of a book version because the cast graced the cover. I quickly bought the book because I liked the movie version and I was curious to see the difference in the stories. In the end I liked both the movie version and the book version.

However, would you buy a book which has the cover of a movie cast/character that you dislike or dislike the movie in general? If I dislike a particular character, I would not buy that edition because every time I flip the book or pick it up, I would boil in anger. Another edition would suit me better. If I dislike a movie and I have not read the book before, there is a high chance that I may never read the book thus never buy. It would take much persuasion from someone who  love the book to entice me to read. I am the type of person whose reading appetite spoils by disappointing visual image. Hence, one of the reasons I try my best to abstain from watching movie versions of books that I really wish to read. When I do break that rule, I plead to the heavens that the movie turns out great.

What do you think about movie crew/cast members on the cover page of books/novels? Like or dislike it?


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