Reading [ A Terza Rima]


Anyone out there have that perspective about book

reviews, it may be a peculiar one, some

my even categorize it as a strange outlook.


Reading opinions from books, I abstain from

if I like the summary on the back cover.

I do not want spoilers from whatever may come.


If  am not sold by the summary, I hover

over what others think too confirm my will

to read or not to read- am a book lover.


Goodreads, WordPress, sometimes Amazon wait until

after I read, no I am not mentally ill.

A post for Reading Month 2015:
When do you read Book Reviews? Before or after reading, pray do tell :).

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  1. I have started reading the New York Times reviews for the Young Adult Books recently as my Grand-daughter talks book authors and series I have never heard of. I try to make it a mix of getting the classics to her that I am familiar with and choosing among this host of new authors that she just craves. Currently she is raving about Sarah Sheppard, and so I am reading reviews I normally would not be interested in, and similar to Ameena I read reviews of books I don’t think I will read and am always surprised when I do. The Corrections by Franzen was one review that caused me to actually purchase the book.
    All my best to you.


    • I appreciate your feedback JoHanna. I see there was an exception to your norm. I am really curious when others do their book reviews :). I see your granddaughter is following in your reading steps. That is good, she loves to read.

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