To Have And To Hold [A Book Review]


A Book Review

Aunt Thora is the humour of this story, she reminded me of the matriarch of Downton Abbey. The sarcasm, stubbornness and quoting scripture to justify her cause, aunt Thora held the novel until the most exciting chapters at the end. In my opinion the conflict between Marshall and Audrey prolonged, at times drawing out sighs of frustration from my lips. Audrey so quick to jump to conclusion of her dad and Marshall drinking yet profess Christ. Really?.

At times, the authors ended a chapter and began another with a cliff hanger – not addressing anything in regards to the last chapter such as: I was not sure what time and season I stumbled upon. However, when they did provide details the chapters flowed. In addition, the scenery at Bridal Veil is so beautiful, the view of the river, ocean and tall oak trees. Whoever choose the background for the cover of the novel, painted part of Bridal Veil. I am not to crazy about the bride and groom on there but that is ok.

Although the story felt sluggish at times, the ending chapter placed some much needed life with culprits receiving their rewards and the others their happy ever after. I also enjoyed the parts where Julie and Josie poke their heads into the wrong places and said things aloud that others wished unsaid – bless their innocent hearts.

Another Book Review for Reading Month. Have you ever read a novel where the author keeps the same argument or conflict between the hero or heroine and it just unnerves you? Please do tell me about it :).


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