My Favourite Author!


Jane Austen

is my

favourite author

only from 2012.



she tells

so well.

Post Two: Reading Month 2015

Poetry Form: Septolet: “Poem of 7 lines containing 14 words with a break between two parts. Both deals with same thought and create a picture.”

Would you mind telling me who is your favourite author?


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    • I never had one before Jane Austen although I was the library’s friend from a wee girl. So do not worry, you may discover an author one faithful day and just go good crazy over their writing.

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  1. Yeah! JA rocks! I pick them up again and again and each time is as immersive as the last. My daughter and I recently watched Pride and Predjudice (Kira Knightly version) and she said, “Mom, I don’t understand a thing that is going on! And I am in gifted English class!” I explained that how they spoke is very different and almost another language and one needed to study the culture and references a bit to really “GET IT” but it is so worthwhile in the end. Sadly, fewer people are reading, and reading books from past centuries, so it is a dying art.


    • It is my favourite movie! Haha. Yes I do agree that there are less persons reading “classic” books but there are still a good fellowship. I try to pass on my love for this genre subtly or not, haha. It is great that you and your daughter watched 2005 P&P together, that is one way to keep it alive. Then some day she can pass it on to her daughter or someone else.


      • I gotta get her to understand it first. She was giggling then yowling and dancing through the romantic pieces. Sheesh…13 year olds!


      • I will make her watch it after her first boyfriend dumps her FAAARRRR into the future, she will understand it better then… 🙂 I think I have “all” the JA movies and I generally watch them, with at least one Bridget Jones, on my birthday in my jammies in bed. A tradition started, with tears and chocolate, on my 40th birthday. 🙂


      • I really hope that heartache does not befall her but life can be funny at times. That is a cool tradition. I usually watch the movies/read the book or excerpts when I feel Austenish and I am always on the look out for new adaptations. Did you know there is an adaptation to Lady Susan for 2015? ohh I am so waiting for it because Lady Susan is high on my Austen list.


      • Oh that woman! She was such a pernicious b….. and while I love to hate her I don’t think she quite got her just desserts….I wonder if JA used a real person as the inspiration? It was so slyly, yet maliciously written, almost as if to show the true colors of a real person.


      • She is the worst Austen mother and I agree she did get her karma. Jane may have written about her from someone she knew or just mere creativity but judging from some of her letters some of her character names look familiar to the people she spoke about. Although, it is reported that her stories are made up, you never never know.


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