Reading Month



In my neck of the woods, May is National Reading Month or Reading Awareness Month. It is a time where schools focus on enticing students to not just read more but using tips from reading to influence their overall education. Thus, it is only fitting that this year’s theme is “Sharpening Literacy Skills For Global Citizenship.” Everything that one learns in a reading environment, one should harness it for skills in everyday life :use it for internet/social media, employment opportunity created by globalization etc. Reading can allow anyone to make such goals because it facilitates the push of creating and using the imagination.

Even as an adult, I love reading because it stimulates my brain in ways that no other entity has dared to try. It is for this reason, many teacher [especially Elementary] focus on not only silent reading but reading competitions. It encourages students to nurture an eloquent and articulate speech and a curious mind. In addition, reading improves one’s vocabulary and knowledge which in turn makes conversations more interesting and writing more impressive [or something so]. I always say a nation who do not care for their history will end in many forms of misery. It is the similar condition for reading  – a nation who does not read develop a tickling time bomb. Children grow with little interest in reading may develop little taste for books, articles, journal (writing) and research. The sale of books(both print and digital) declines, magazines disappear and the face of publishing changes forever. I know it sounds farfetched but permit me that luxury.

I am aware that there are different National Reading Months throughout the world. However, if you are reading this post, I make several pleads. Do not love books just as a decoration, read that decoration from time to time. If you are a parent or guardian, urge your children to read or how about you read with them before bed. Take your time to read a post which topic interests you, stop spamming with “likes” on blog post you never read, it is unethical. If you have books collecting dust in a place you have not visited for many moons, how about you give them to your local library or a school. Let others enjoy the stories waiting to entertain and impart knowledge.

Reading is fun, you need to make it riveting.


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  1. I didn’t know may was National Reading month, i do think it is a great thing. Hopefully more kids would be encouraged to not just read books, but fall in love with them.


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