These Demons


Demons plaguing lately,

they will not let me be.

Very insane, plainly.


“Away,” I say bravely.

Yet they persist, oh sigh-

demons plaguing lately.


Sometimes I think maybe,

I can bomb them, kaboom!

Very insane, plainly.


There they are, so vaguely

pretending friendliness- say

demons plaguing lately


see them lurking, safely

trying to skin deeper.

Very insane, plainly.


But am holding, sanely

to some light hope but the

demons plaguing lately

very insane, plainly.


Post One: National Poetry Month 2015

I came across the Villanelle form on 3skay’s blog and I became intrigued. So I did some more reading and eventually wrote the above poem. Basically the Villanelle [for some reason it reads like vanilla in my head] has 19 lines: 5 stanza are tercets and one stanza is an aquatrain. This poetry form has no established meter but 19th century poets used trimester or tetrameter [I chose this one]but in the 20th century most poets used the pentameter. For further details on rules and regulations, feel free to follow the Villanelle Form link.


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