Another One


My heart start shaking, mercy I am nominated for another award but when I realize what it entailed my heart smiled a bit. Thank you Laura Clark for thinking that I deserve the Real Neat Award Blog. Behind the scenes I work tirelessly to make sure that Yelhispressing is presentable and easy to read. I add and subtract widgets that I wonder if anyone notices, haha.


I need to answer 7 questions:

1) You have $1 million and 24 hours to spend it. What do you buy?

Not what I would buy but what I would pay off, all my debts. Yesssss :).

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

New Zealand

3) Do you prefer to blog on your phone, tablet or computer and why?

On my computer, just for the wider screen and keyboard.

4) Tell me about your proudest moment?

Reading for my BA C degree in History

5) What job did you want to have when you were a child?


6) Do you find blogging relaxing?

Yes [both writing and reading], if it wasn’t I would stop.

7) Has the original purpose of your blog changed? If so, how?

No and I think it will stay the same: writing for therapy and community[history and love: articles and poems]

Ms. Rebel, I thought of you immediately when I received The Real Neat Blog Award. Your blog is so easy to click around that I can stay on there for a long time [I have :P]. I think it is a combination of your theme and the way you structure your headline, font colour and size, categories etc.  It is just beautiful. It is the truth, I would not say it if it was not :P. So long story short, I dub thee The Real Neat Blog Award. :D. Feel free to answer the same questions that I did.


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  1. Indeed very well deserved Noir! Happy to see you were not scared by this one. 😛
    Thank you so much for the kind words and being so sweet (as always)! And to see you have only nominated me for this, doubles the joy! 😀


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