No Drawers [Apostrophe Ode]

An Ode To A Drawer


Oh drawer show thyself I need thy space so urgently.

Your broad frames shelter the weight– the load of  garments.

See how they stack in darker corners waiting gently.


Your depth is like the deep of an eagle’s flight,

such majestic soft closing keep the edges clean.

Happy you make my scattered gems ready for your light.


Who smoothed thy front in rows delicately kissed in roses?

Who polished your handle to glow my reflection like mirrors?

The sun reaches its peak– you shine like posies.


Poetry Form: Ode: Oh that  troublesome iambic pentameter showing its head again and of course I seldom back down from a challenge, so the above is my honest try.


Prompt: Drawers: I decided to talk about the drawer instead of the content because, well I lack drawers. Some I am trying to flatter them into existence. Please do not laugh. Haha.


Literary Device: Apostrophe: I tried to praise a drawer that this poem is so laughable. This device made me realize how much crap I can talk sometimes and/or how I can see beauty in anything that I choose. [Lesson learnt here]


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