Fogged Up

Elegy: Fog

Source: Yelhispressing

Confused, living in the shadows of demons doing a full orchestra in my head with that too loud tune.

Blurred visions of a moon shrouded by white images fleeting through my mind.

A mind wandering for I am Catherine roaming the moors stupefied over her bae, Heathcliff.

Please be still, stop enveloping me in mist too dense to escape.

Silence your critics hazing my imagination with frightening tales of a forever deep.

Reach for me, I am standing staring at your bewildered face

but yet you linger with a frown, your face overshadowed in that tone of voice,

a damp, cold wind from a Sahara night.

A shriek escapes my trembling colourless lips but I am still invisible to you.

Now I am that obscure, meaningless eagle soaring for new heights only to fall for a careful hunter.

My thoughts muddled from your last sent shower.

Why did you stop concealing me?

I am open from attacks from red-coated tongues armed with daggers of gossip.

I am fogged up!

Day 5 of Poetry Class

Form: Elegy

Prompt/Word: Fog: This may be the perfect word to use for an Elegy poem[figurative or literal]

Literary Device: Metaphor: I use metaphors all the time but today since it was a must, I became a bit overwhelmed.

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