Animal: What Is It?


Slithering craftily on the hunt for
   the next meal isn't it the most
         subtle beast in the field?
 Meandering like a river crawling
                                       through the forest feeling for the
                           heat of the one, soon gone from life's lease.

Look at that vicious fork tongue hissing out
                                 in warning watch out, even Eve fell prey
                     not one of her proudest moments.
Sliding to get around at the speed of lightning
                       you must dart in time to escape its vicious venom.
                                  Hang high hang low, it can still reach you.
                                      Check out that length!
                          If the head does not swallow you the tail can crush you.

Poetry Class Day Four:
Form: Concrete Poem: It is also a fabulous way to learn some tricks in my editor and to me adding style to words, I tried but I know I need more practise.
Prompt/Word: Animal: You could guess which animal I am describing?
Literary Device: Enjambment: It is actually a device that I’ve unknowingly used; I like how it makes you feel breathless. It is similar to clever forms in songs like: ta ta taaa taaa taaa naaaa and then it holds, when it stops you realize you are holding your breath.

Music Video: The song immediately popped in my head when I saw today’s prompt.


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  1. Oh this is good. Very good. I love it! And I am just like you. I love enjambment. It just hits you and you feel like you have body slammed in some ways. I love how you threw ‘Eve’ into the mix.


  2. From the first word I knew it was a snake I could actually feel it hiss and move around me but I just had to finish the poem, though snakes and me don’t mix 😦 I really do love your poem.


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