Safekeeping: My Heart

Acrostic Poem

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Secured from that connection knotted under the twinkling sky on that heartfelt day,

Anchored with a love, ushered by the release of doves, definitely not haggard.

Filled my heart you did with trust, continuity for tomorrow with more gust.

Eager to hold you, whispering bold everything’s: Lovers’ gold.

Kissing me slowly like a river on a low day, baby

Enough will never escape my lips.

Entering our union with a pampered heart,

Please never hesitate or underestimate that

Insatiable well of submerge confidence in what you make me feel,

Never can I doubt your devout vow to stay.

God ignite our passions and we light our hearts with everlasting.


Day Three of Poetry Class:

Form: acrostic: I realized whilst researching this poetry form that I wrote a few in secondary school in my journals but I never knew there was a name attached.

Word/Prompt: Trust: Very powerful and heartfelt word for me. It was an emotional journey pencilling this one.

Device: Internal Rhyme: My Acrostic has only a hit of this type of rhyme. Let me know if you find it. :).


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  1. I can see that there is more but I’m not going to list them all. What exactly are we looking for? Perhaps you can expand on your hint? Otherwise you can go on over to my poem and look at my internal rhyming and list my words – LOL.


  2. OK, so I’ve done a reading on your internal rhyming of the poem. Here goes:
    – Love, doves
    – Anchored, haggard (depending on how you pronounce the words)
    – trust, gust
    – hold, bold, gold
    – slowly/low, day/baby
    – hesitate/underestimate (sounds similar)
    – light, ignite
    – doubt, devout, devout/vow
    – our hearts/everlasting (sounds similar)
    – Secured, Anchored (depending on how you pronounce the words)
    – Eager/Never; connection/passions; twinkling/everything’s
    I’m sure there’s more though! You’re clever! Enjoy the rest of the poetry prompts. 🙂


    • You clever lil curiosity. That was a pleasant surprise and yes I will enjoy the rest and I certainly have fun and heartfelt moments reading. I cannot believe you dissected my lil poem. Smh in amusement.


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