A Wedding In Springtime [A Book Review]


Romance Novel Who is that William Grant person and where can I kiss him? I meant where I could meet him. I am sorry Genie but your fellow is dashing with a smooth tongue which only leads to trouble for people like me. Thus, since he is already yours, I will appeal to Amanda Forester for my own. Men as William exists only in novels; what a sad fact.

What I love most about ‘A Wedding in Springtime’ is the dual couple romance. Most romance novels journey through the difficulties of one couple; however, this novel provides double candy. Well it feels like two romances because whilst William and Genie is the obvious I feel like a smoke signal came from Marchford and dear Penelope. Oh and let us not forget that awkward thing of a courtship between Louisa [Genie’s cousin] and Marchford. I like that name Marchford, well it’s more like the duke title that he holds but I like referring to him as Marchford. It sounds like a regal, and strong and it suits the duke so very well. When Penelope met Marchford grandmother for the first time, I immediately thought she would better suit the duke better than Louisa;  Who knows maybe in another novel that romance could develop? However, the conversations, oh those conversation between the two made me chuckle to my heart’s content. They had that intellectual stimulation thing going on, yes! Now where does that leave Louisa? Oh, I am so glad that the author made Louisa’s eyes twinkle and how she defied convention and to make connection with love. I felt how happy she was everytime she came across a certain someone *winks* Now can I talk about William and Genie [fans self], I knew from the moment William met Genie his days of rakish behaviour grew numbered.  You know when two people have that deep connection, they click so smooth and everyone around sees it before, the two comprehends what is happening? Well William and Genie fits that model. They made everyone in that modest society nervous. Genie’s guardians by right would worry because of William’s reputation and William’s friends especially Marchford raised eyebrows showed how different William behaved. That drunken scene is one for the books, I laughed so hard when William grabbed a bottle thinking all hopes of his love died.

A  Wedding in springtime surprised me with its element of mystery and adventure but I loved it. It made the novel feel more rounded and thus more enjoyable. Secrets, letters and even Napoleon’s operations appeared. Danger and the need to protect loves bring out that animal instinct to conquer and destroy in men. I love when that happens in stories; it shows that the author is flexible with the romance theme. It shows a different dimension to William’s love for Genie. It showed a look other than balls, flirting in the corner of rooms, making morning calls and taking a turn in the park. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I love the twist. This novel combined all my favourites in one: mystery, romance and a historical element.

Speaking of historical, I love that the author included characteristics of the Regency Period.  She made Genie speak about other novels; it is something authors did in the Regency Period especially about gothic stories. I like that the story touched on the social element of London, in terms of poverty, class structure and Napoleon’s plot to conquer yet again. Amanda Forester accomplished all the above using a Regency tongue with phrases and gestures. It is a lovely and loveable story.


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