I’ll Read You Dry


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Morton’s Fork.”

Both are important but if I had to choose, I will go for reading any day of the week.
I am a reader and I will die one, even if it gets to listening to a reading track.
Its true, I love writing especially in my blog and if I stop doing that,
I lose a community connection and a chance to hear what people think of what I say.
However I can read something similar on another blog and make use of the comments section.
Sometimes I feel the part of WordPress that I am expose to, is afraid of that comment area.
Say what you feel about the different post, yes do it respectfully by all means but say something.
I think everyone would appreciate feedback on the stories, poems, photos or articles.

It is true sometimes, I do know how to phrase my opinion in a certain way to allow the earth to stay spinning [haha] and choose to ‘like’ the post,to show that I appreciate what you wrote.
However, I feel many times, some bloggers do not read the post that they ‘like.’
Would it take you five seconds to read 100 words or more?
I am sure, the answer is no.
Let us put away the liking game of Facebook away.
Hey, come at me with sticks and stones and such but someone has to shout out these thing sometimes.
I take full responsibility, I’ll comment section you and read you dry :P.


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