Nelson Mandela and Freedom

Source: bl.uk

2nd of February

1665: British captures New Amsterdam[Dutch colony] and renames the central area : New York after the new Governor, Duke of York


4th of February

1794: the French takes over control over the colony of St.Lucia

1948: Sri Lanka is independent


6th of February

1958: 21 died in a plane crash in Munich which included Manchester United Players, journalists and club officials


7th of February

1990: Labour Party founded in England

1962: John Kennedy begins blockage of Cuba

1971: Women In Switzerland attained the right to vote

1974: Grenada achieved Independence

1986: Haitian Prime Minister Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier fled to France

1991: Haiti’s first President: Jean Bertrand Aristide came to office

1992: Set up of the Western European Union

1998: King Hussein died


8th of February

1983: Israel’s Ariel Sharon is removed from office following a tribunal into the 1982 killings of hundreds of people in two refugee camps


11th of February

1990: Nelson Mandela released from prison

1970: Japan is the 4th country to launch a satellite into orbit

1989: F. W. de Klerk came to power as President of South Africa


12th of February

1818: Chile independent from Spain

1984: West Indies beats Australia to win the cup (cricket)

1992: Mongolia constitution takes effect

1995: Impeachment of Bill Clinton comes to a final determination


13th of February

1895: Moving picture projectile launch

1959: Barbie doll sold

1982: 17 year old tallest woman in the world dies

1990: USA, England and France gives Germany the right to unify

1995: West Indies beats New Zealand (cricket)


20th of February

2001: FBI Robert Hanssen charged as a Russian spy[for 20 years]


21st of February

1965: Assassination of Malcolm X


22nd of February

1979: St. Lucia becomes independent

1997: Scottish scientist cloned Dolly the sheep


24th of February

1868: President Andrew Johnson impeached



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